I will give a quick introduction to myself. I have been involved in the amateur astronomy community since I was in grade school. I was fortunate enough to take a summer class at the former McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto, Ontario. Ever since I have looked up the sky, though I must admit that interests have waxed and waned once or twice through the years, mostly caused by my studies and living locations. I attended the University of Western Ontario, where I graduated with a BSc in Physics, but I essentially was in the astronomy program, taking all but one-half course offered by the department.

I originally joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 1991, with the Toronto Centre. After graduation from UWO and settling into my career as an Adult Secondary School teacher, I joined the London Centre of the RASC. I am currently serving as the Centre's Treasurer.

On July 1, 2016, I was honoured with Minor Planet 21350 being named billgardner. Its information page can be found here.