- Emission or reflection nebulae
    - Spiral galaxies
    - Planetary nebulae
    - Open clusters
    - Globular clusters
    - Dark nebula or comet

The following features are expected in the pictures:
- Correct name or title
- Good tracking as shown by stars that are not trailed.
- Good focusing as shown by small stars or sharp details.
- Picture well framed showing entire object, but not too small in the picture.
- Vignetting controlled by flats if necessary.
- Camera noise controlled by darks if necessary.
- Noise minimized by proper exposure and stacking.
- No clipping of blacks, background should not be completely dark.
- No clipping of white areas. Pictures of clusters should show star colours.
- Pictures processed (stretched) if necessary to show fainter details.


I am currently in the process of finalizing my submissions for this certificate.